The Alleged Affair O’Malley


TV personality Sade Baderinwa reads at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation “Kids for Kids Family Carnival” at Industria Superstudio on October 24, 2009 in New York City. (Getty Images)more pics »This story was made for the Experience. Sade Baderinwa, a local ABC news anchor, has a few secrets and they were exposed this week.  The story surrounds an alleged affair with the married mayor of Baltimore and her supposedly getting pregnant by him. And to save her career and herself, she was shipped off to NYC where apparently a hit was put on her by the wife of the mayor.

No, I am not going to make an assumption or accusation, but this story got so big because it allegedly was with a TV Personality, however, the Current Governor’s infidelity has always been questioned by those in Maryland except the Liberal Media in Maryland, IE, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, etc.  Should this Governor decide to make a run for President, be sure to know, that, the Gossip Fishwraps (TMZ, CELEB MAG, X17ONLINE, PEREZ HILTON) will be all over this, and will be background digging for as much dirt as possible, if he runs for President.

Lets not forget about his DUI for which no one can get the records opened to see if he admitted this on his entrance into Law School.  It appears that drinking runs in this Irish Family, as his Daughter was taken home from a night of drinking and not arrested.  The Curran family runs much like the old school Sicilian Mafia, get in the way, we will move you out-of-the-way, dare to speak, men with butterfly nets supposedly (allegedly) comes knocking at your door.

The Governor’s personal relationships with the Angelos Family and Padarakis Clan have always been a hot button topic, stories of condos for Sade, stories of Service details transporting the Governor back and forth from his alleged gal pal.

Let us also not forget that this Governor is a stern supporter of Illegal Aliens, calling them his New Americans.  Former Governor Ehrlich waited way to long to bring Illegal Immigration into the Campaign for election.

Lets us also not forget about what this Governor and his alleged friends did to Walter Abbott, (secret meeting with Senate President Mike Miller and Orioles Owner, Peter Angelos) putting him in Jail on a 2 million dollar bail for a threat he made in jest, much like one makes when they are frustrated and aggravated because they are being ignored and the laws broken, or how about the Illegal Aliens whose bails are always much smaller than that of Walts.  The (alleged) manipulations of the police department to move Abbott around on the night of the so-called threat to the Governor.  Let us also not forget, how the Governor himself, threatened a Beat Down on Wbal Radio Personality, Chip Franklin, who right after this episode ended up reporting in another state.  You see the patterns yet?  Walt Abbott, Sade, Chip Franklin, the secrets that one Ex City Police Commissioner knows about but does not speak of.

Here is my take on going public with denials.  If you have to go on TV to deny an affair, IE, William Jefferson Clinton (You Remember Him right?  He looked into the eyes of Americans on National TV and told them, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, well we all know now that, that was not a truthful statement.

During the 2006 campaign, the Future Governor himself came out and spoke to Marylanders, telling them, “I did not have an affair”.  Well, in my mind, anytime you have to go before the press to disclaim your infidelities, than there is a pretty good chance that it may have taken place, but you can draw your own conclusions.

Next, if it was being reported that Maryland’s First Lady, Judge Katie Curran was involved with the whole Sade thing, how come she was not questioned and brought up on charges of Conspiracy or to willfully have someone else injured?  Three guesses where this all came from, protection and help from Daddy, Ex States Attorney Joe Curran, most likely.  This kinda reminds me of the whole Parris Spendenning thing when he was Governor and took in a lover much younger than him, got divorced while Governor, than married the woman with whom he had the affair with, than impregnated her.  At least Parris had the balls (excuse the french) to face the facts and truth and handled it much better than the current Governor.

Ok, sure, I don’t like OWE Malley at all, not one bit, in fact, I think the man is a weasel and nothing more than a wannabe who will use all means necessary to remove any obstacle that gets in the Irishman’s way.  Even Ex Senator Don Munson threw a tirade about me once, stating that I hated the Governor and Senate President Mike Miller, or the email attacks that I received from one John D., Delegate, Waco – D, in which he took personal and verbal shots at my past, which had nothing to do with anything, except for the fact he used another Delegates computer to send those emails, Delegate Pete Hammen and he got off scott free even though he violated the Sarbanes Oxley Laws of using someone else’s account to send me vile emails.

I think what I am trying to say here, is that, Maryland is keen on corruption, it fuels the Democratic Machine in Maryland, one which has a long list of Dirty Laundry, Marvin Mandel, Spiro Agnew (republican) when he was VP, Ex Baltimore County Commish Ted Venatoulis and Nancy Pelosi, and so much more.  The utter vileness of such politicians coming from Maryland and their total disregard for the Legal Citizen is astounding, but I would not say I am shocked.  Its politics.  You know, the stories I have could go on and on, and it’s like talking to a brick wall.  You have a corrupted States Attorney General in Gansler, who refuses to prosecute Illegal Aliens by enforcing the law, you have the ties of Gustavo Torres, Director of Casa De Maryland who pretty much runs the PG, MoCo, Baltimore City, Delegates and Sens, and has them lobby for our Tax Dollars.

Delegate Jolene Ivey, sits on the board of Casa De Maryland, questions of unethical behavior have surfaced regarding her voting record and lobbying for Casa De Maryland for our Tax Dollars.  There has to be an ethics violation for sure.  This is just Part 1 of an expose of Maryland Politicians who prefer to walk the line of unethical behavior, as opposed to those who are there trying to do right by the People, only to be cut off at the path.  Soon we will get into Ike Leggett, Ana Sol, Madaleno, Frosh, Vallario, Jill Carter, Donna Edwards, Chris Van Hollen and many others, so stay tuned.  I can back my information up with validated resources as well.

Disclaimer:  I am in no way saying that this is the way it is, but it is an opinion piece written on media resources to author the information.

Why am I sick and tired of sick and tired?  Well, being that my family is first generation Marylander’s, descendant to the Calvert Family, I feel it is my duty to bring out in the open the Corruption that is emanating from our State House.  It must stop, it has to stop.

We the people must demand open door policy’s and transparency, something this states Government has not been able to do for a very long time.  Its all lies.

Another thing that really bothers me.  Those who wish to see change in our state house never find the time to have someone investigate the claims of wrong doing.  Its like they are afraid to do anything.  Is this because they are afraid of “The Teflon Leprechaun” and the repercussions?

Ask yourself this question, if an elected official needs to go to the media or TV to explain they did nothing wrong, did they do something wrong in the first place?

Kopp, Franchot Criticize O’Malley Pension Shift To Balance Budget

franhot     Two Maryland fiscal officials are urging state lawmakers to reject Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposal to use some money intended to shore up pension liabilities to fill a budget hole. Comptroller Peter Franchot and Treasurer Nancy Kopp testified against the proposal Wednesday afternoon before a Senate committee. Kopp, who also chairs the state’s pension board, says the move threatens the stability of the state’s pension fund. “A long term permanent reduction, in the reinvestment of the employee’s contributions and benefit cuts, would in fact be costly to the employer (state taxpayers) and the employee, and we urge you as fiduciaries not to do it,” Kopp told members of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. O’Malley is proposing to cap money used for future pension liabilities at $200 million a year, instead of $300 million. T. Eloise Foster, O’Malley’s budget secretary, says the change will only postpone getting the state to 80 percent of pension funding from 2024 to 2025. “I say, we are still going to make a commitment to pay the pensions of state employees,” Foster told senators. She added that the proposal, “will get our fiscal house in order, and get to a place in time, where we won’t have a structural deficit.” But Franchot says the idea threatens the state’s reputation in the eyes of the financial community. Kopp says she believes it’s the wrong choice. “The short term, the $100-million, please I beg you, do not remove that from the pension system,” Franchot told senators. Maryland lawmakers will be working on O’Malley’s budget proposal for much of the legislative session.

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